Sherlock (2010-)


Sorry for the absence, as I was out of town and unable to do my normal viewing. On top of that I got sucked into this magnificent show over the last week.  I would have posted after the first season but I just couldn’t stop watching especially when each episode is roughly an hour 20.  Thank you netflix for allowing my binge watching.  Ok, now back to business.  Man, talk about a classic and true representation of Sherlock Holmes as only the British could have provided.  It’s leaps and bounds better than that Elementary and the Robert Downy Jr. version, which I just found  way to hollywoodized.  In this version Sherlock is sherlock, a master investigator with a particular personality.  Or as they call it a sociopath, I would agree with that diagnosis.  Even though the crimes are serious there is a great use of humor to break up the seriousness.  Plus all of the created characters; villains, supporting and main are just outstanding. Not only due to the writing of the script but the acting will just blow you out of the water.


Benedict Cumberbatch plays Sherlock and man does he do a good job.  I was a big fan of his before watching this but I would rank this as one of my favorite performances of his.  Martin Freeman as Dr. Watson is incredible as well.  There chemistry is something you rarely see now a days.  It’s mind blowing.  Top ten in casting I’ve ever seen, seriously.  Plus I love that the writers made this running joke that they might be gay with each other which is just hilarious to watch as its constantly brought up. Not that there is anything wrong with that, its just humorous.  Catch my Seinfeld reference there?


The villains that they cast are mind blowing as well.  Each one is so different and it makes each episode quite different.  I actually have been quite surprised by each episodes plot line, I couldn’t even guess what was gonna happen next.  I’ve had a trend of that lately which has been quite refreshing.


There is a difference between sociopaths and psychopaths.

Overall: 24/25

I can’t give a perfect score but this is damn near close.  Believe me.

Rotten Tomatoes:

Season 1 – 100%

Season 2 – 100%

Season 3 – 97%

IMDB Score: 9.3/10

It’s elementary my dear readers…

– Ben


The Girl Who Played with Fire (2009)


I got lucky thanks to Netflix, they had The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’s sequel The Girl Who Played with Fire on instant.  Once again I was blown away by this one.  Firstly, it had a totally different storyline than the previous. Which made the entire story so much more in depth and just gnarly. It justifies me saying last time it was very novel-like.  I can’t think of another series of movies that I have seen in the last few months that can compare to this one. It is just so fantastic, I can commend it anymore.


Noomi Rapace was once again just fucking sick.  You learn so much more about her character’s personality and dark past, which Noomi just portrays so skillfully.  I can totally see why Ridley Scott tapped her for the lead in Prometheus (which I blown away by too). She is quite sexual in this one compared to the previous, I don’t want to spill to much and give away the plot line.


Everything else that I stated on the review for the previous movie held true for this one.  I already added the third installment into the Millenium Series onto my instant, so it’s next on my list.

Overall: 23/25

A continuation of a very engaging story that started with the first installment in this series.  After watching the second you are gonna crave to watch the third.

Rotten Tomateos: 69%

IMDB Score: 7.1/10

It was like a shock to the nuts…

– Ben

Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream (2012)


My first documentary review.  Boy was I let down by this one.  I really enjoyed the first 35 minutes of it.  It really showed the problems that our political structure endures do to how billionaires influence the elections and bill lobbying.  Most of the points were stuff I have read and/or seen else where so I do support those facts.  But where my issue lies is when they begin attacking the Libertarian ideals and Ayn Rand’s political philosophy.  Lets start with the Libertarian issue first.  They began by showing how theses billionaires, especially the Koch brothers are very much Libertarian, where as they truly lie with the far far right Republicans.  To associate those fools with Libertarians is very wrong.  Firstly the Libertarians do want a much reduced government control but they want more rights given to the states as to create a more local government structure.  Where as these billionaires only want to deregulate everything as to increase their corporations freedoms.  Secondly many social issues in which are seen as democratic, such as welfare and other social programs, are usually supported by the Libertarians.  I highly doubt these billionaires would support such programs.  They tend to fall more in the moderate category since the ideals tend to lean right for economics and left for social.  So fuck you for lumping those greedy ass billionaires into my political party.  Now, they had a lot of hate mongering about Ayn Rand, yes her economic philosophy is very much up the billionaires alley.  Which apparently all these tea party douche baggers like to reference. They love that part of Atlas Shrugged but she also wrote about scientists and artists in that book.  Anyone that made significant contributions to society were taken by “John Galt”, not just corporate CEO’s.  Plus the government she envisioned in that book is wildly different from our own, it was much more like a communist/fascist.  So I guess this doc did its’ job definitely painted a one-sided argument.  As someone that is an educated scientist and Libertarian I say FUCK YOU to those film makers and there was some terrible cuts in the filming just to be nit picky.

Overall Score: 5/25

I’m bias.

Rotten Tomatoes: No score yet.

IMDB Score: 7.4/10


– Ben

Upside Down (2012)


This is a prime example of a really cool concept but a terrible execution.  I like the idea of two worlds that exist incredible close, to the point they orbit each other around the same star.  That’s a pretty unique idea.  With that said, now for the problems I had with that concept.  The most major was that matter (substances – it only seems to be metals) from one planet enters the other it begins to heat up to the point it burns, this doesn’t make much sense.  That and a lot of the gravity laws seemed to be forgot when making this.  I know it’s sci-fi, so they can do that.  But to be honest I think it would have been so much better if they actually had some input from physicists and astronomers  to create a more cohesive representation of this celestial event.  Plus every person would technically burn when entering the other plant, that’s a major plot line in this film.  Oh the acting was nothing to be impressed about.  I’m not a big fan of Kirsten Dunst so that could be one problem. But no one’s roles really stood out to me.  The overall plot was pretty much Elysium (2013) but a love story instead and no action. You know the very typical poor peasant falls in love with the privileged upper class girl movie.  It’s just been an overly used storyline.




Now for what I did like.  Even though the plot line sucked and I really disliked the scientific errors this movie was quite the visual experience.  I found it having some absolutely beautiful cgi and landscape shots.  It had some awesome camera work and filtration done to the film to really add to the visual effect of being on the “low-class” or “upper-class” planet.  One of those movie you could mute, turn on some music, and totally make up your own story while your watching, on drugs of coarse…vlcsnap-2013-08-08-12h06m16s214

Overall: 10/25

A visual experience with a cool concept but a very over used plot line.

Rotten Tomatoes: 28%

IMDB Score:  6.4/10


– Ben

Caked Update #1

blog 1

Well isn’t this exciting.   After sitting on the storyboard for about 4 months I have begun to write the script.  Now, my updates for Caked will basically just give a brief over view of whats occurring the script. So that way you get to read and deduce the plot as I go.  I will unfortunately not include the true dialog since that can give to much away.

So I’m slaving away on the opening credits scene, shot is a bedroom and you get the “stoner” vibe from.  This is where you also meet our main character, Kai. The scene progress from him waking up in his room to entering the kitchen to begin the process of baking a cake but set up more as a montage.  The actually credits will appear within all the baking equipment and ingredients.  For example the flour might read Directed by:_______ instead of Pioneer Flour or something along those lines.  Then the scene continues to follow the process of packing up to head to a college class. This concludes scene 1.

Now I will let this spoiler out now.  This movies focus is on a pot dealer, but instead of deal pot he will be selling cakes and cake related food.

Scene 2 will include a montage sequence of long boarding as Kai heads to his first customers’ house.  This is where you meet three supporting actors that are all roommates and all have quite unique personalities.  This scene will outline the dealing process and will show how these 3 (which I will just call CCH) characters have a very odd relationships with each other.  It will basically consist of an light hearted argument on the quantity and type of cake these three want to buy as they constantly are sidetracked.  You will also get the impression Kai is close pals with these guys.

Montage music for the long boarding scene will be the song Concord by Dub FX, hopefully as I hope to license all the songs or get permission for their use in my film.  I will occasionally include the music choices through the movie that I have picked out for use.

That will wrap up my work for today on the script.

– Ben



The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009)


Firstly let me state this is the Swedish version that came out a few years before the English version in 2011.  Now with that said I absolutely love this film.  It was one of the instances where subtitles just disappear and blend so well with the film that you began to not even notice your reading them by the time the movie ends.  This is also one of those crime films where I couldn’t actually guess the storyline at all.  That’s a total breath of fresh air.  It is a long movie two at 152 minutes but I felt like that just flew by.  Not to mention the first hour is almost like watch two widely different films, each plot is very engaging, until the minor connection between two main characters blossoms into one single story to keep you on the edge of your seat.  I am a little biased as I have been watching quite a few Scandinavian films and shows lately, Trollhunter (2010) and Lilyhammer (2012-), which has impressed me by the talent that is over there.  I’m a big fan of the scenery and landscape there too.  That’s also quite refreshing to see the film industry return to those countries which played such a vital role in the early 20th century growth in film production.


Noomi Rapace is just killer, no pun intended, in this.  She made this goth/punk/anarchist character F-in’ sexy.  Minus the few graphic scenes of sexual abuse from her characters probo officer, damn probi’s always ruining the fun.  I commend her for taking this role especially with the sexual violence topics that are represented in the story.


The other actors in this were also quite compelling, I’m looking at you Michael Nyqvist.  Kinda funny I had just watched him in Europa (2012) and didn’t even recognize him in this, I blame it on the “Russian” accent he used in Europa.  I would say this is a must see if you enjoy movies that have been adapted from novels.  It really had the feel of a novel storyline but providing visuals instead of you having to use your “imagination”.  I did see they had two additional movie released in 2009 to complete the Millennium Series, so I got them on my list to see.  I also would like to watch the American adaption with Mara Rooney (Big fan here) and Daniel Craig.  I will post immediately after viewing those to do comparisons.

Overall: 23/25

Quite the crime thriller with an original plot and tremendously good acting.  Prepare yourself there are some graphic scenes.

Rotten Tomatoes: 86%

IMDB Score: 7.8/10

swedish girls

Yeah for Sweden!

– Ben

The Vicious Kind (2009)


A very solid dark comedy.  I really enjoyed it which might be because I think Adam Scott is quite funny. He plays this insomniac older brother who is hard to pin-down if he’s just angry at the world or is tripping out from no sleep.  Either way he has some very clever and funny lines even if the script is actually kinda somber.  Oh his character smokes a fuck ton too which I believe is intended to act as balance to his crazy emotional trips from the insomnia.  He actually make that topic kinda funny cause in at least three scenes he just trying to find cigarettes.


I also discovered how gorgeous Brittany Snow is.  Damn she is super hot in this. Her jet black hair vs the sky blue eyes is just a stunning combination.  She plays quite the mysterious college chick.  I actually couldn’t tell if she was playing a closet slut or not but you find out in the end.  I was really quite the fan of her overall performance putting beauty aside.  She really embodied the character of this smoking hot college girl friend of the little brother of Scott’s character.  I don’t think I would want anyone else to play this role.

tumblr_mspsisPWDy1qdiaboo6_r1_250   tumblr_mspsisPWDy1qdiaboo2_250

The plot line is pretty crazy and I can’t give any hints otherwise I’d ruin the story for you.  But I would recommend seeing it if your looking for something different to view.


Overall: 20/25

A gritty dark comedy that has some serious plot topics yet keeps it light when needed.  Also the super hot Brittany Snow is in it.

Rotten Tomatoes: 70%

IMDB Score: 7.1

Don’t be a Donald my friends…

– Ben