The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009)


Firstly let me state this is the Swedish version that came out a few years before the English version in 2011.  Now with that said I absolutely love this film.  It was one of the instances where subtitles just disappear and blend so well with the film that you began to not even notice your reading them by the time the movie ends.  This is also one of those crime films where I couldn’t actually guess the storyline at all.  That’s a total breath of fresh air.  It is a long movie two at 152 minutes but I felt like that just flew by.  Not to mention the first hour is almost like watch two widely different films, each plot is very engaging, until the minor connection between two main characters blossoms into one single story to keep you on the edge of your seat.  I am a little biased as I have been watching quite a few Scandinavian films and shows lately, Trollhunter (2010) and Lilyhammer (2012-), which has impressed me by the talent that is over there.  I’m a big fan of the scenery and landscape there too.  That’s also quite refreshing to see the film industry return to those countries which played such a vital role in the early 20th century growth in film production.


Noomi Rapace is just killer, no pun intended, in this.  She made this goth/punk/anarchist character F-in’ sexy.  Minus the few graphic scenes of sexual abuse from her characters probo officer, damn probi’s always ruining the fun.  I commend her for taking this role especially with the sexual violence topics that are represented in the story.


The other actors in this were also quite compelling, I’m looking at you Michael Nyqvist.  Kinda funny I had just watched him in Europa (2012) and didn’t even recognize him in this, I blame it on the “Russian” accent he used in Europa.  I would say this is a must see if you enjoy movies that have been adapted from novels.  It really had the feel of a novel storyline but providing visuals instead of you having to use your “imagination”.  I did see they had two additional movie released in 2009 to complete the Millennium Series, so I got them on my list to see.  I also would like to watch the American adaption with Mara Rooney (Big fan here) and Daniel Craig.  I will post immediately after viewing those to do comparisons.

Overall: 23/25

Quite the crime thriller with an original plot and tremendously good acting.  Prepare yourself there are some graphic scenes.

Rotten Tomatoes: 86%

IMDB Score: 7.8/10

swedish girls

Yeah for Sweden!

– Ben


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