Caked Update #1

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Well isn’t this exciting.   After sitting on the storyboard for about 4 months I have begun to write the script.  Now, my updates for Caked will basically just give a brief over view of whats occurring the script. So that way you get to read and deduce the plot as I go.  I will unfortunately not include the true dialog since that can give to much away.

So I’m slaving away on the opening credits scene, shot is a bedroom and you get the “stoner” vibe from.  This is where you also meet our main character, Kai. The scene progress from him waking up in his room to entering the kitchen to begin the process of baking a cake but set up more as a montage.  The actually credits will appear within all the baking equipment and ingredients.  For example the flour might read Directed by:_______ instead of Pioneer Flour or something along those lines.  Then the scene continues to follow the process of packing up to head to a college class. This concludes scene 1.

Now I will let this spoiler out now.  This movies focus is on a pot dealer, but instead of deal pot he will be selling cakes and cake related food.

Scene 2 will include a montage sequence of long boarding as Kai heads to his first customers’ house.  This is where you meet three supporting actors that are all roommates and all have quite unique personalities.  This scene will outline the dealing process and will show how these 3 (which I will just call CCH) characters have a very odd relationships with each other.  It will basically consist of an light hearted argument on the quantity and type of cake these three want to buy as they constantly are sidetracked.  You will also get the impression Kai is close pals with these guys.

Montage music for the long boarding scene will be the song Concord by Dub FX, hopefully as I hope to license all the songs or get permission for their use in my film.  I will occasionally include the music choices through the movie that I have picked out for use.

That will wrap up my work for today on the script.

– Ben