Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream (2012)


My first documentary review.  Boy was I let down by this one.  I really enjoyed the first 35 minutes of it.  It really showed the problems that our political structure endures do to how billionaires influence the elections and bill lobbying.  Most of the points were stuff I have read and/or seen else where so I do support those facts.  But where my issue lies is when they begin attacking the Libertarian ideals and Ayn Rand’s political philosophy.  Lets start with the Libertarian issue first.  They began by showing how theses billionaires, especially the Koch brothers are very much Libertarian, where as they truly lie with the far far right Republicans.  To associate those fools with Libertarians is very wrong.  Firstly the Libertarians do want a much reduced government control but they want more rights given to the states as to create a more local government structure.  Where as these billionaires only want to deregulate everything as to increase their corporations freedoms.  Secondly many social issues in which are seen as democratic, such as welfare and other social programs, are usually supported by the Libertarians.  I highly doubt these billionaires would support such programs.  They tend to fall more in the moderate category since the ideals tend to lean right for economics and left for social.  So fuck you for lumping those greedy ass billionaires into my political party.  Now, they had a lot of hate mongering about Ayn Rand, yes her economic philosophy is very much up the billionaires alley.  Which apparently all these tea party douche baggers like to reference. They love that part of Atlas Shrugged but she also wrote about scientists and artists in that book.  Anyone that made significant contributions to society were taken by “John Galt”, not just corporate CEO’s.  Plus the government she envisioned in that book is wildly different from our own, it was much more like a communist/fascist.  So I guess this doc did its’ job definitely painted a one-sided argument.  As someone that is an educated scientist and Libertarian I say FUCK YOU to those film makers and there was some terrible cuts in the filming just to be nit picky.

Overall Score: 5/25

I’m bias.

Rotten Tomatoes: No score yet.

IMDB Score: 7.4/10


– Ben