Sherlock (2010-)


Sorry for the absence, as I was out of town and unable to do my normal viewing. On top of that I got sucked into this magnificent show over the last week.  I would have posted after the first season but I just couldn’t stop watching especially when each episode is roughly an hour 20.  Thank you netflix for allowing my binge watching.  Ok, now back to business.  Man, talk about a classic and true representation of Sherlock Holmes as only the British could have provided.  It’s leaps and bounds better than that Elementary and the Robert Downy Jr. version, which I just found  way to hollywoodized.  In this version Sherlock is sherlock, a master investigator with a particular personality.  Or as they call it a sociopath, I would agree with that diagnosis.  Even though the crimes are serious there is a great use of humor to break up the seriousness.  Plus all of the created characters; villains, supporting and main are just outstanding. Not only due to the writing of the script but the acting will just blow you out of the water.


Benedict Cumberbatch plays Sherlock and man does he do a good job.  I was a big fan of his before watching this but I would rank this as one of my favorite performances of his.  Martin Freeman as Dr. Watson is incredible as well.  There chemistry is something you rarely see now a days.  It’s mind blowing.  Top ten in casting I’ve ever seen, seriously.  Plus I love that the writers made this running joke that they might be gay with each other which is just hilarious to watch as its constantly brought up. Not that there is anything wrong with that, its just humorous.  Catch my Seinfeld reference there?


The villains that they cast are mind blowing as well.  Each one is so different and it makes each episode quite different.  I actually have been quite surprised by each episodes plot line, I couldn’t even guess what was gonna happen next.  I’ve had a trend of that lately which has been quite refreshing.


There is a difference between sociopaths and psychopaths.

Overall: 24/25

I can’t give a perfect score but this is damn near close.  Believe me.

Rotten Tomatoes:

Season 1 – 100%

Season 2 – 100%

Season 3 – 97%

IMDB Score: 9.3/10

It’s elementary my dear readers…

– Ben


Maron (2013 TV Show)


I found this beauty a few weeks ago and just wrapped up the final episode of season one.  It reminds me a lot of Louie on FX, or FXX I don’t know anymore.  Marc Maron has a type of humor I really enjoy.  I never really had listen to any of his famous podcasts (storyline of each episodes is based around the podcast he’s currently recording on that episode) or watch any of his stand up but I found myself laughing pretty hard at this show.  He likes to joke a lot about himself and his experiences which all tend to be quite entertaining.  This show seams to really mirror what he might be doing in real life.  Almost has a documentary like feel to the story telling, but the jokes have been fantastic. Its basic premise is just the daily life of Marc Maron and all the dumb shit he does or causes. Oh he has a ton of cameos by other comedians which really makes the show great.


Overall for Season 1: 21.5/25

Rotten Tomatoes: 80%

IMDB Score: 7.8/10


– Ben